France Goes to Final Round of Presidential Election to Decide Between Macron and Le Pen

  • French voters have started casting their votes in the final round of Presidential election to choose between 39 year old Emmanuel Macron (independent centrist) and 48 year old Marine Le Pen (far-right populist).

    Reports say that voter turnout till noon was 28.2 per cent.

    Voting started at 6am GMT Sunday and will remain open till 7pm. However, in some large cities, ballots can be cast till 8pm.

    47 million French voters will seal the fate of Presidential candidates, who belong to two radically different political platforms.

    While Ms. Marine Le Pen vouches for protectionist nationalism, Macron vouches for reforming EU and bringing France’s prosperity back.

    After November 2015 terrorist attack, France is still in a state of emergency. Around 50,000 security forces have been deployed across France today.

    On security concern, Esplanade du Louvre in Paris (where Macron planned to celebrate the election night) has been evacuated as precaution.