France Extended its Lockdown for Another Month as a Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

  • In a national address on Monday evening, France's President, Emmanuel Macron declared the country would be in lockdown for another month. The President also said, the country will return to normal life on May 11, if citizens of the nation remain "civic, responsible and respected the rules". Though, the lift of the lockdown would also rely on the decrease in the number of Coronavirus positive cases. Macron further said, "the more rules are respected, the more lives will be saved". He also clarified the current scenario of the country considering the COVID-19 outbreak, where the epidemic is not under control. Monday's address was Macron's fourth televised address since the beginning of the global pandemic. France's total number of Coronavirus cases stands at 137,877 as per John Hopkin's GIS data.

    Map of France

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