Canada wildfire: First batch of residents to return to Fort McCurry

  • Canada wildfire: First batch of residents to return to Fort McCurry

    June 1, 2016: Fort McMurray, which was devastated by a huge wildfire, will witness the return of the first batch of residents. As per media reports, the wildfire displaced around 90,000 people in northwest Canada. Rachel Notley, Alberta premier, said that all the conditions required for the return of the residents has been met by the authorities. The first batch of residents will return to Fort McCurry on Wednesday.

    Map showing location of massive fire at Fort McMurray city in Canada

    Canada wildfires intensify, destroy oil workers' lodge:

    May 18, 2016: A remote lodge in Canada's oil sands region was destroyed in growing wildfires on Tuesday. The lodge, which used to accommodate hundreds of industry workers, had to be evacuated. Overnight, about 8,000 workers were taken out of the remote area located north of the blaze-hit city of Fort McMurray after fires intensified. The Blacksand Executive Lodge with 665 rooms was destroyed. Two other lodges on the same road were also at risk. 

    Canada wildfire: 12,000 people asked to leave Fort McMurray camps

    May 17, 2016: Authorities have asked around 12,000 people to abandon oil sands camps near the wildfire ravaged Canadian town of Fort McMurray. The measure has been taken as a resurgent wildfire is heading towards the region. Media reports quoted a regional official as saying that on Monday around 8,000 people were given precautionary evacuation orders. He further stated that this is in addition to the 4,000 people who already have been advised to leave the area.  

    Canada Wildfire sweeping smoke into the clouds 

    May 11, 2016: Satellite images show the massive Canada wildfires sweeping smoke into the clouds. Reports say that the satellite images, which were released on Tuesday, depict a spinning storm system in the northern part of Canada. It shows white clouds which have been stained brown from the smoke.  

    Canada wildfire: 90 percent of the buildings in Fort McMurray intact, says Alberta premier

    May 10, 2016: Alberta’s premier said that around 90 percent of the buildings in Fort McMurray have survived the devastating wildfire. The premier, Rachel Notley, said that most of the schools and offices in the city were intact; however, 2,400 of the 25,000 structures had been burnt. As per reports, last week more than 80,000 people were evacuated from the oil sands to safer places.

    Canada wildfire: Around a fifth of homes destroyed in Fort McMurray 

    May 9, 2016: Around a fifth of homes in the Canadian city of Fort McMurray, which was ravaged by a massive wildfire, have been destroyed. Local MP David Yurdiga said that it would take years to restore normalcy to the city. Following the massive wildfires, the authorities had issued an evacuation order which witnessed more than 100,000 residents of the city and surrounding areas fleeing to safer locations. 

    Canada wildfire: 8,000 people airlifted

    May 6, 2016: Around 8,000 people, who had fled north of Fort McMurray to escape the massive wildfire that devastated the city, are being airlifted. Media reports quoted Canadian officials as saying that by Friday it is expected that the only motorway to the south will become safe from the wildfire to move the remaining 17,000 people. These people are in danger of becoming trapped. The fire in Alberta province has spread to 850 sq km. 

    Canada wildfire: State of emergency declared in Alberta

    May 5, 2016: Following the destructive wildfire, a state of emergency has been declared in the Canadian province of Alberta. The fire, which broke out on Sunday and destroyed 1,600 structures in the Fort McMurray, has forced all the 88,000 residents to flee. As per reports, this is considered as the largest evacuation in the history of Alberta. Oil companies, which are located nearby, have also been forced to cut output.  

    Fort McMurray city in Canada evacuated following massive wildfire

    May 4, 2016: The fire that broke out on Sunday in Fort McMurray in northern Alberta took an ugly turn on Tuesday with the blaze engulfing an area of around 7,400 acres. Local authorities called for immediate evacuation of the entire city. According to reports, nine air tankers and 100 firefighters have been battling the blaze since Sunday. Although the blaze has destroyed many homes and businesses, no injuries or casualties have been reported.

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