Foreigner jailed after reporting rape in Dubai

  • Marte Deborah Dalelv reported she was raped by a colleague and expected the alleged attacker to get arrested. But instead, the foreigner, who works in Qatar, was arrested herself. In her report, she said that she had been drinking with her colleagues at a bar in Dubai when she asked one of them to accompany her to the hotel just to be safe. She said that the man took her to his room and raped her instead.

    Dalelv reported the incident to the police but they didn’t believe her and kept her in jail for four days without providing any reasoning. When she was informed about the charges regarding sex and drinking, she reported saying that the sex was voluntary thinking that this would help her get out of the situation but instead a new charge regarding a false statement was added. Reuters reported that the woman had considered Dubai to be a modern city.  “But what a lot of tourists don’t know for example is that its not legal for them to drink alcohol,” she said.

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