Florida battles after hurricane Irma: Eight people lost their lives in powerless Rehabilitation Center

  • The catastrophe wreaked by hurricane Irma has engulfed many lives. Recent is the loss of life in Florida's sweltering nursing home which was powerless due to Irma's effect. Firefighters evacuated 158 people from the Rehabilitation Center, Florida, after its air conditioning system was cut due to Irma. The patients were rushed to the emergency room of Memorial Regional Hospital at around 3am. Emergency workers were ordered by the Governor of Florida to check on nursing homes and assist living facilities to ensure residents are safe. After the havoc wreaked by hurricane Irma, ten million people are still without electricity in Florida, Georgia, and the North & South Carolina. As told by Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief, three nursing home residents were found dead at the Nursing Home in Florida, while five others died in the hospital.

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