Fire breaks out in collapsed Dhaka building

  • A fire broke out in a collapsed building in Bangladesh's capital Dhaka on Sunday, hindering efforts to reach survivors. So far, at least 377 people have been killed in the incident.

    The fire was started after sparks emerged from cutters being used to free a female survivor.

    Around 3,000 people are estimated to have been in the building when it collapsed. Some 2,430 are known to have survived.

    The owner of the Rana Plaza garments factory in Savar was arrested earlier in the day close to the Indian border. He is believed to have been in hiding since the building collapsed on Wednesday.

    The collapse has raised concerns over safety standards in Bangladesh’s garments industry.

    However, factory owners insist safety standards have improved in recent years.

    According to activists with the Amsterdam-based Clean Clothes Campaign, labels from European and American brands were found at the scene of the collapse.

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