Egyptian army issues ultimatum to end political crisis

  • Egypt’s army issued an ultimatum to Islamist President Mohamed Morsi on Monday, urging the country’s rival parties to resolve a political crisis within 48 hours.

    The announcement was made during a broadcast on state television and comes a day after millions of Egyptians gathered across the country calling on Morsi to step down.

    "The armed forces repeat the call (to politicians) to carry out the nation's demands and issue a 48-hour ultimatum to everyone as a last chance to cope with this historic situation that the nation is going through. It will not forgive any power that will not shoulder its responsibilities. The armed forces warn everyone - if the demands of the people are not met within the ultimatum given, it will find it mandatory upon itself -- in accordance to its historic and national responsibilities, and in respect to the demands of the great Egyptian people -- to announce a road map and procedures, overseen by the military, that will include all groups, including the youth who were and are still behind their blessed revolution," according to the statement read by General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

    "The armed forces will not be a party in the political circle or government, and will not accept to leave the role assigned to it in accordance with true democratic ideals that has been generated through the will of the people. The country's national security is subject to great danger as a result of the escalation seen in the country, which gives us all responsibilities depending on each person's position to act in an appropriate manner," Sisi continued.

    The protests coincide with the first anniversary of Morsi's election as president.

    His critics say he has placed the agenda of his Muslim Brotherhood party ahead of wider problems such as the economy and security.

    Morsi has rejected the army's ultimatum.

    The army has said it will intervene if the government fails to abide by the "the will of the people” though denies the move is a coup.

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