Dutch prince dies after being in coma

  • The royal family announced that the 44-year-old Dutch prince has died and the family described him as being in a state of "minimal consciousness" since February 2012. 

    Johan Friso is the brother of the king and had been in coma since one year. He spent one year in a London hospital and was moved to The Hague last month. Also known by the nickname "Prince Brilliant", Friso had a long resume of study including time spent at UC Berkeley. 

    He was married to Mabel Wisse and the couple had decided to not disclose Wisse's friendship with drug baron while she was still in college but the relationship eventually came out in the open. The couple married without the approval of the parliament, which meant that the prince would have to give up his throne as king. 

    Reports say Prince Brilliant didn't want to be king even as a child. 

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