Deadly China Coronavirus Outbreak kills 56 and Infects atleast 2,000 People, Chinese President calls it "Grave Situation"

  • The fast-spreading deadly coronavirus is taking a serious turn by becoming more contagious and the Chinese public health officials are finding it tough to contain the situation. Head of China’s cabinet-level National Health Commission, Ma Xiaowei, has said on Sunday during a media briefing in Beijing that the unnamed coronavirus has still now claimed 56 lives and infected over 2,000 people (most of them belonging to central China’s Hubei province. The Wuhan mayor Zhou Xianwang said on late-Sunday that they are expecting confirmation of another 1,000 suspected cases of infected people, who will be put under monitoring. The central government of China has declared that they are taking over the situation from the local Hubei officials as the latter have been unsuccessful in containing the situation (mostly because of their sluggish reaction). A major outbreak is expected as around 5-million people have already left the epicenter of the infection-epidemic, Wuhan, either due to the Lunar New Year holidays or due to the fear of the corona virus. Chinese President Xi Jinping calls it a “grave situation”.