Dangerous winds, tornadoes, deadly floods all across south-central US

  • As per recent reports, potentially harmful tornadoes are raging across Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma in the United States. In some parts, the thunderstorms released hail stones sized almost like baseball. Other than this, tornadoes and flooding rainfall were destroying the region all across the western parts of Oklahoma and Texas. These kind of weather conditions were seen from Tuesday onwards, followed by similar conditions on Wednesday. Such critical factors were responsible for jolting the region for the second consecutive day. Moreover, these same weather conditions are predicted to be carried on through Thursday. Some news reports state that flash flooding has reportedly killed one person and several people are found to be injured in these parts. Moreover, in the natural gas refinery of Arkansas, a lightning reportedly was responsible for sparking a fire. A multi-unit apartment building was also destroyed in Arkansas, Pine Bluff on Wednesday night, feared to be due to tornado in the area.

     This map depicts the places which have been recently destroyed by the tornadoes, thunderstorms and flooding rainfall, responsible for the massive destruction in these places

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