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    Egyptian hijacker appears in court

    The Egyptian hijacker gave a victory sign to journalists while leaving a Cyprus court in a police vehicle. The court appearance of 58-year-old Seif a-Din Mustafa in Larnaca was brief. As per reports, the police, investigating the EgyptAir domestic flight hijacking, have been given more time to hold him.

    Egyptian hijacker used fake suicide belt

    Cypriot Officials said that the Egyptian hijacker had used a fake suicide belt. The motives of the plane hijacking are still unclear; however, the Cypriot president has been reported as saying that the incident was not related to terrorism. The incident has come as another blow to Egyptian tourism.

    Egypt's civil aviation minister had doubts hijacking was terrorist incident

    Sherif Fathi, Egypt's minister of civil aviation, has claimed that from the beginning he had doubts that the hijacking was the work of terrorists. The minister said the man's hijacking techniques displayed unprofessionalism 

    EgyptAir hijacker surrenders; all passengers on board released

    The hijacking of EgyptAir flight MS181 ended after all the hostages were released and the hijacker surrendered. The flight was taken over by a passenger claiming to be wearing an explosive belt. According to the Cypriot president, the hijack was not related to terrorism.

    EgyptAir hijacker demands release of female prisoners in Egypt

    The Cyprus foreign ministry has identified the hijacker of EgyptAir MS181 flight as Seif Eldin Mustafa. The negotiations are still going on as he is demanding the release of female prisoners in Egypt. Seven people still remain on board. Ibrahim Samaha, who was earlier suspected to be the hijacker, denied allegations and claimed that he was among the passengers who was released along with the rest.

    EgyptAir hijacker mentally unstable, claims family

    According to recent reports, hijacker Ibrahim Samaha is mentally unstable. The 50-year-old Professor of veterinary medicine at Alexandria University has dual citizenship – Egyptian and American – and also has a contract with Atlanta University in the US.

    EgyptAir hijacker a professor at Alexandria University

    According to media reports, The EgyptAir hijacker is a professor of veterinary medicine at Alexandria University. After he demanded to see estranged Cypriot wife, the police confirmed that his ex-wife, Marina Parashkou, was taken to Larnaca airport to negotiate with him.

    EgyptAir Hijack: Hijacker identified as Ibrahim Samaha

    Larnaca airport has been closed as negotiations continue with the hijacker Ibrahim Samaha. He is either an Egyptian or a Libyan national, according to news reports.

    EgyptAir Hijack: British Embassy in Cairo releases emergency phone number

    The British Embassy in Cairo made an official announcement urging concerned people to contact the embassy for news about UK national following the reports of plane hijacking. The emergency number is 0020227916000. The Embassy also added that it is investigating urgently with the Egypt and Cyprus.   

    EgyptAir Hijack: Anti-terror units deployed in Larnaca

    Airport authorities discussing the possibility of closing the airport and diverting flights elsewhere. Meanwhile, anti-terror units have been deployed in Larnaca.

    EgyptAir Flight MS181: Armed Hijacker threatened to detonate explosives belt

    While the EgyptAir confirmed the hijacking of their flight MS18, the armed hijacker on board is suspected to be carrying a bomb belt. According to an unidentified police official, the hijacker had demanded that police vehicles should be move away from the plane.

    Hijacked EgyptAir flight forced to land at Larnaca airport in Cyprus

    After the EgyptAir airliner was hijacked by at least one armed hijacker, the plane has reportedly landed at Larnaca airport in Cyprus. According to reports from the Egyptian government sources, the domestic flight, traveling from Alexandria to Cairo ,was taken over by an armed hijacker and was forced to land in Cyprus. The Airbus A320 has over 80 passengers on board.

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    Fact facts of EgyptAir MS 181 Hijack

    Flight NameEgyptAir MS 181
    Number of Passengers 55
    Crew 7
    Flight Route From Egypt city of Alexandria to the capital, Cairo
    Hijacked to Larnaca airport , Cyprus

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