Cyclone Bulbul Hits the Bay of Bengal at Roaring Speed & Might, Around 5 Million Evacuated in Bangladesh and India

  • Cyclone Bulbul has hit the Bay of Bengal on Saturday evening. The cyclone made landfall at India’s Sagar Island in West Bengal, creating a wave that surged as high as 7-feet. However, massive evacuation of over 450,000 people in both Bangladesh and India has kept the mortality count at check. Till now 2 people have reportedly died. Reports say that Bangladeshi government had evacuated around 400,000 of its residents (including thousands of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar) and India reportedly moved away more than 60,000 people from the northeastern coast. Bangladesh Meteorological Department reported that Cyclone Bulbul blew at wind-speed of 75-mph (over 120-kph) with gusts reaching as high as 90-mph (145-kph). Officials say the worst is over and the wind-speed has now come down to 43-50 mph (70-80 kph).