Contaminated water spilled in Fukushima

  • Leak in a storage tank in Fukushima has lead to the spilling of a lot of contaminated water. The radiation that workers could be exposed to by just standing near the water is much higher than the annual upper limit. 

    The leak couldn't be discovered in an early stage and the monitoring system needs to be checked. 

    In order to deal with the groundwater leaks, the officials have decided to freeze the surrounding soil. 

    Michiaki Furukawa of Nagoya University said "the situation is getting worse"

    There has been criticism about the failure to be prepared for the disaster in advance and Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) is being accused for covering up the issues related to the plant. TEPCO didn't believe the contaminated water had reached about 550 yards away into the Pacific Ocean. 

    South Korea and China have been alarmed by the continuous leaks. 

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