China readies to work with EU on climate change as US set to walk out of Paris agreement

  • China has been establishing its position as a strong alternate to US global leadership on several fronts, with the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative being the latest example. Its role and leadership on climate change could lay the basis of a stronger cooperation in other geo-strategic areas.

    As per reports, China looks all set to cooperate with the EU in taking up leadership role in the fight against global climate change.

    President Donald Trump has tweeted his intention to officially announce the US exit from the Paris Agreement at 3 pm ET today, just as China is all set to announce a fresh agreement with the EU in Brussels, signaling its intention to move forward towards lowering global carbon emissions, as per the Paris accord.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel had been hoping to persuade President Trump during the G-7 talks in Sicily, but the US President’s subsequent tweets indicated his intentions to exit the Paris agreement.