China's One Belt One Road Map

  • Chinese President Lays out $900bn on Silk Road Vision:

    As per reports, a two-day showcase was kicked-off by Chinese President Xi Jingping where talks about the most ambitious development project ever took place.

    At a high-profile summit about China’s “Belt and Road initiative”, Xi talked about his multi-billion dollar infrastructure aimed at building a modern-day version of the ancient Silk Road and a new “golden age” of globalisation.

    In a 45-minute summit, Xi promised to throw his weight behind a global construction step which will stretch all the way from Asia, to Europe and Africa, across the Americas.

    He mentioned that the root of the Belt and Road initiative is in Silk Road but it is fairly open to other countries as well. He also vowed to pump $125bn into the scheme.

    China One Belt One Road Map