Chemical weapons use in Syria will be shown in UN report

  • According to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, a report from the United Nations inspectors will show that chemical weapons were used in the Syria attack on Aug. 21. 

    His comment came a little while before the chief weapons inspector, Ake Sellstrom said the report has been completed and will be delivered this weekend in New York. 

    Ban Ki-moon said he believes Assad, who has "committed many crimes against humanity" will be held accountable when all this is over. 

    U.N. associate spokesman mentioned that the Secretary-General has been keeping in touch with a lot of different people as well as experts but said as far as he knows none of them have seen the report since it hasn't been completed as of yet. 

    Sellstrom has confirmed that the report "is done, but when to present it is up to the secretary-general."

    Haq said the report will be shown to member states after being presented to the secretary-general and the media should have access to it in "short order". 

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