British Parliament Attack: Police Investigating Associates of Assailant

  • Investigation Underway to Find Associates of Assailant

    March 23, 2017: Reports revealed that an investigation is being carried out by the police, and seven people have been arrested while six addresses were searched.

    Sources said police still believe that though the assailant acted alone but was inspired by international terrorism.

    Investigations to find out associates of the suspect are underway.

    Police indicated that they knew the identity of the attacker but refused to release his name for operational reasons.

    This was the deadliest terror attack in Britain since 2005.


    5 Dead, Around 40 Injured in UK Parliament Attack

    March 23, 2017: As per reports, the knife attack at the British Parliament in central London left five people dead, including the assailant and around 40 were injured. Among the injured were three police officers, two Romanian tourists, five South Korean visitors and several French teenagers on a school trip.

    Sources said that some of the injured from the bridge had catastrophic injuries.

    Reports also revealed that the attack was treated as terrorism by the police. However, there was not any immediate claim of responsibility.

    Prime Minister Theresa May called it a "sick and depraved terrorist attack."


    Central London: Police Officer Stabbed, Shooting in Parliament

    March 22, 2017: As per reports, a terror incidence took place in parliament and adjoining Westminster Bridge in London on Wednesday. An attacker ran over several pedestrians while driving his vehicle across the Westminster Bridge. He later drove into the Palace of Westminster, crashing his vehicle on the railings and stabbing a police officer.

    The attacker was shot by the armed police officers before he could do any more damage. Prime Minister Theresa May who was present in the Houses of Parliament during the incident, was seen being taken to safety in a silver Jaguar.