Wildfire in California: Fire Crews in California Struggle to Contain Wildfire

  • Fire Crews in California Struggle to Contain Wildfire

    July 25, 2016: A wildfire has already destroyed 18 homes and is likely to spread and affect 100 more, while fire crews in California are fighting hard to contain wildfire near the mountains of north Los Angeles. The fire has covered 22,000 acres, and 1500 residents have already been evacuated. As per the spokesperson for Angeles National Forest Nathan Judy, the fire is not one-directional and may change direction according to the way the wind blows.

    California Wildfires Spread, Hundreds evacuated near Los Angeles

    July 24, 2016: Raging wildfires in mountains north of Los Angeles and California’s scenic Central Coast Big Sur haveposed threat to around 2,000 homes. If situation worsens 45,000 homes may get affected. Over 300 people and 400 animals have been evacuated safely till now. One death has been confirmed by the authorities. Reports say, the wildfire has spread over 31 square miles or 20,000 acres in northern Los Angeles county. Wildfire is not slowing down despite use of about 900 firefighters along with dozens of water-dropping helicopters and retardant-dropping airplanes.

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