California Governor calls for Emergency Declaration after Second 7.1 Earthquake

  • A state of emergency has been announced by the California governor Gavin Newsom after parts of Southern California is hit by double earthquakes (the first having 6.4-magnitude and second having 7.1-magnitude) in just 34 hours time. The governor has asked for a Presidential Emergency Declaration as well as federal aid for dealing with the situation. Though no casualties have been reported yet, the authorities are yet to assess the entire extent of damage by the back-to-back earthquakes. On Twitter, Newsom said, “As Californians, we always have to be prepared for the next earthquake.” A seismologist at the California Institute of Technology, Lucy Jones, said that the chance of 5-magnitude earthquake taking place within the next week “is approaching certainty”. She also said that this is the first major earthquake of over 6-magnitude in the past 20 years. Seismologists reportedly recorded over 600 aftershocks within hours of the second earthquake.