Brazil Prison Riot: Over 60 Prisoners Killed, Many Escaped

  • Brazil Prison Riot Killed Many

    As per reports, at least 60 people died over the weekend in a 17-hour uprising at a prison in Brazil. The revolt began on Sunday afternoon between two rival criminal organizations at the Anísio Jobim Prison Complex in the city of Manaus.

    Reports also say that 74 prisoners and number of prison guards were among the hostages. 6 people were beheaded and many bodies were thrown over the wall of the complex.

    The authorities reportedly are not aware of the number of the prisoners who escaped.


    Brazil Prison Escape: Escapee Posts Selfie

    A Brazilian prisoner, Brayan Bremer who broke out of the prison on Sunday in the northern city of Manaus posted selfies with another fugitive on Facebook. They are among the many prisoners who escaped from two prisons in Manaus.

    Bremer was serving a sentence for robbery. Despite the ban on using internet in the jail, Bermer was active on social media during his term in the prison.

    His Facebook account has been deleted. As per reports, the officials have recaptured 40 fugitives along with the man with whom Bremer clicked the selfies.