Brazil President Temer in Crisis on Charges of Conspiracy against Corruption Inquiry

  • Top prosecutor of Brazil, Attorney General Rodrigo Janot, has formally accused that President Michel Temer along with his chief coalition partner, Aécio Neves, are trying to silence the witnesses of Lava Jato (Car Wash) inquiry by using laws and appointments. Neves is also accused of conspiring (recorded in a cellphone conversation) with a Supreme Court judge Gilmar Mendes that would weaken the investigation further. In the recorded conversation, the Judge Gilmar Mendes is heard promising Neves of supporting a parliamentary bill that would weaken the Car Wash probe. To make the case worse for President, bribery scandal widened with new plea-bargain details by executives from JBS (world’s largest meat processor). Supreme Court has accepted the evidences and went on to authorize an investigation. Former chief justice Joaquim Barbosa and an editorial at Brazil’s biggest newspaper, O Globo, have voiced against the conspiracy.