Bin Laden book contradicts official account

  • A first-hand account of the May 2011 raid by U.S. forces that killed Osama Bin Laden goes against the official story, according to the Associated Press (AP).

    The news agency purchased an advance copy of an unauthorized account of the raid, titled No Easy Day, by a former Seal.

    The book claims Bin Laden was shot dead as he looked out of his bedroom as Seals rushed up the stairs.

    According to AP, the author writes he was directly behind a "point man" going up the stairs.

    However, U.S. officials stated Bin Laden was shot just once after he had gone back into the bedroom.

    The book was written under a pseudonym, Mark Owen, but hours after the book's publication was announced, the author’s real identity was revealed by Fox News.

    Military officials have said the publishers failed to submit the book to the Pentagon to make it discloses no secret information, which is standard protocol.

    The book is due to be released on September 4 instead of September 11, following a surge of advance orders.