Bernie Sanders Wins Northern Mariana Islands Caucuses, Names Jesse Jackson Special Advisor

  • US Presidential hopeful and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has got a boost in the arm as he won the Northern Mariana Islands caucuses, thereby bagging 6 more delegates. The territory in the Pacific (having a string of island) is a small but welcome relief for him as the Democratic primary progresses and heads towards the Democratic National Convention in July. The trio (including Henry Williams, David Oks, and Henry Magowan) popularly known as the enthusiastic Bernie Bros have warned that there will be a massive exodus from the Democratic Party if the institutional Democrats nominate Joe Biden instead of Bernie Sanders. A dual U.S.-Egyptian citizen and a well-known human rights activist Aya Hijazi said that she supports Bernie Sanders because he is reviving the US constitution from “we the few, the billionaire and corporations” to “we the people.” Bernie Sanders has named Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. his special advisor on the issues of economic and foreign policy as he heads to face-off with Joe Biden in the Sunday night debate in Washington D.C.