Bernie Sanders Hosts Virtual Coronavirus Roundtable to Address Pandemic, #WhereIsJoe Hashtag Trending

  • The US Presidential hopeful and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders hosted a virtual roundtable on Friday to remain focused on the global pandemic and urged everyone to come together at this trying time. He also said that the Republican response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is inadequate as they will favor corporations instead of the American people. #WhereIsJoe hashtag started trending in the social media as the US Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden was glaringly missing in action on the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus crisis. The campaigns of both Biden and Sanders were curtailed significantly after the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus infection in the US. However, the sitting US Senator Bernie Sanders has been much more vocal and active in managing the coronavirus outbreak throughout last week despite repeated primary losses to Biden in the US Democratic Presidential nomination run-up. Sanders had also released “An Emergency Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic” blueprint that puts forward a set of principles and guidelines required to fight the pandemic and at the same time protect the working families from the economic fallout.