Bernie Sanders calls Far-Right Stunt Activist's Unfurling of Nazi Flag "Beyond Disgusting"

  • During a US Democratic Presidential campaign rally of Bernie Sanders in Phoenix (Arizona) on Thursday night, a local far-right stunt activist (who frequently posts offensive material against Muslim and Jewish communities on YouTube) unfurled a Nazi swastika flag and shouted anti-Jewish slogans. When interviewed on Friday morning, the Vermont Senator and the US Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders expressed his shock due to the incident and called it “beyond disgusting”. Sanders (who personally lost many relatives during the Holocaust in Nazi Germany) congratulated the Phoenix police for dealing with the incident nicely and thanked them for making him feel safe. With Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren dropping from the presidential race, the contest is now head-on between Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden. After March 3 Super Tuesday, Joe Biden is leading with 664 delegates followed by Bernie Sanders with 573 delegates, out of the total declared delegates of 1,397. During an interview, Bernie Sanders said: “I think we are the stronger campaign to defeat Donald Trump”.