Attack in Pakistan kills 75

  • Two suicide bombers detonated their bombs outside a historic church in Peshawar, killing 75 and wounding 110 people. 

    The Jundullah wing of the Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack, which has by far been the most deadly one on the country's Christian minority. "All non-Muslims in Pakistan are our target, and they will remain our target as long as America fails to stop drone strikes in our country," a spokesman said. 

    According to the intelligence officials in Pakistan, the latest drone strike killed six suspected militants as it hit the North Wazirstan tribal area today. 

    The attack occurred when about 400 people were leaving for a meal after services; the number of casualties was so high that the hospital was running out of facilities for the dead and the wounded. 

    One of the wounded people, who lost his father asked the attackers, "What have we done wrong to these people? Why are we being killed?"

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