Assad's chemical weapons list is thorough

  • Bashar al-Assad recently handed over a document to the international community, containing the locations of "dozens" of chemical weapons sites. 

    Western officials said the document is many pages long and is a "serious" one. The Los Angeles Times mentioned that it is "surprisingly thorough". 

    Moreover, the information contained in the document matches with the suspicions of US intelligence: 45 storage and production sites. 

    One of the officials mentioned that Assad has completed the first step of the process but that doesn't mean it is "100 percent accurate". 

    "We aren't naive," he said. "We don't know what we don't know. We are still looking at it, but it seems interesting."

    Reports also suggest that UN chemical weapons inspectors, who have now returned to Syria, plan on investigating claims of a chemical attack outside Aleppo on March 19. 

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