Ashraf Ghani declared President of Afghanistan

  • The chairman of the Afghanistan Independent Elections Commission, Ahmad Yousuf Nooristani declared that Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai would be the next President of Afghanistan, while his electoral rival Abdullah Abdullah would be the Chief Executive, at a news conference in Kabul on 21 September.

    Mr Nooristani did not reveal the vote share of either candidate. Polls were held on April and June, after which the results were delayed due to accusations of vote rigging and fraudulent practices. However both candidates signed a power-sharing agreement on 21, accepting the result declared by the Afghanistan Elections Commission. 

    Under the terms of the new agreement Mr Abdullah will eventually become Prime Minister, a post that is yet to be created. In the meantime, he will hold the newly created post of Chief Executive Officer, and senior government positions would be shared by members of the teams of both candidates.

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