After North Korea's missile flies over Japan, Britain and Japan agree on closer security ties

  • Ahead of Brexit, Prime Minister Theresa May looks to reinforce relationship with Japan (Britain's closest ally).  On Wednesday, Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May arrived in Japan for a series of meetings. In a meeting, scheduled to be held on Thursday, Britain and Japan will likely discuss and agree to close cooperation in the field of defense, cyber security and counter terrorism. A joint declaration on security cooperation, collaboration to address the threat of cyber and militant attacks when Japan host Olympics in 2020, will be agreed upon by Theresa May and Shinzo Abe. As told by Theresa May's office, “the two leaders are expected to discuss the possibility of further sanctions on North Korea.” On 29th August, North Korea's ballistic missile successfully passed over Japan, which was condemned internationally. However, the prime focus of May's trip is to persuade investors that Britain's exit from the EU will not affect Britain's business potentiality. Promoting to the situation May said, “Japan's upcoming trade deal with the EU could offer a template for a future Japan-Britain trade agreement.”

    North Korea Missile Launch Over Japan