Afghan Peace Talks between Negotiators started on Sunday

  • The historic peace talks between the Afghanistan government and the Taliban started in Qatar’s capital city, Doha, on Saturday. At the opening ceremony of the Afghan Peace talks, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called it a “truly momentous occasion” and a hopeful moment. Pompeo went on to stress that both the warring sides have the responsibility to overcome their differences. While the Taliban stresses that Afghanistan must be governed as per Islamic law, the Afghan government underscores the fact that there could be no winner during the war. Leader of the Afghanistan government’s delegation, Abdullah Abdullah, said that “There should first be a significant reduction in violence, then humanitarian ceasefires, and then a nationwide and permanent ceasefire.” The first meeting between the teams of the Afghan government and the Taliban took place on Sunday. A spokesman for the Afghan defense ministry, Fawad Aman said: “With the start of intra-Afghan talks we were expecting the Taliban to reduce the number of their attacks, but unfortunately their attacks are still going in high numbers.”