70 killed in Iraq bombings

  • More than 70 people were killed in a series of bombings across Iraq on Monday.

    At least 14 people lost their lives in the southern Iraqi city of Basra after two cars bombs exploded.

    The first blast hit Basra's Hananiya neighborhood, close to a busy market and restaurants, killing nine people.

    The second exploded inside a bus terminal in Saad Square, killing five.

    Basra, a predominantly Shi'ite city, is located 260 miles southeast of Baghdad.

    In Baghdad, at least 42 people died after car bombs exploded in Kamaliya, Ilaam, Diyala Bridge, al-Shurta, Shula, Zaafaraniya, Shaab and Sadr City, all areas with a high population of Shi'ites.

    In Balad, located 50 miles north of Baghdad, a parked car bomb was detonated near a bus carrying Shi'ite pilgrims from Iran.

    Five Iranian pilgrims and two Iraqis, who were travelling to the Shi'ite holy city of Samarra, were killed in that attack.

    A further 11 people were killed by a car bomb and a suicide bomber in Hilla, 60 miles south of Baghdad.

    In recent months, tensions have escalated between Iraq's Sunni and Shia population over claims by the majority Sunni Muslim communities that they have been overlooked by Prime Minister Nouri Maliki's Shia-led government.

    Scores of people have been killed in attacks, mainly in Iraq's majority Shi’ite areas, over the past week.

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