61 tons of silver recovered from a shipwreck

  • Florida based Odyssey Marine Exploration company has recovered a huge amount of hidden treasure from a British cargo ship, the SS Gairsoppa, that sank off the coast of Ireland in 1941

    Odyssey's CEO, Greg Stemm stated, "This was an extremely complex recovery which was complicated by the sheer size and structure of the SS Gairsoppa as well as its depth nearly three miles below the surface of the North Atlantic" 

    Odyssey, the Florida-based company is supposed to retain 80 percent of the silver with the remaining going to the British government. The ship had yielded 48 tons of silver last year and the treasure recovered this year is worth about $35 million. This amount is lesser than what the recovered treasure was worth last year since the prices of silver have gone down this year. 

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