Current Events in the World

CIA director to Meet Kim Jong-un

According to a US media report, a meeting will be held between the CIA director Mike Pompeo and North… Read More.

IMF Positive of Strongest Growth in 2018

If the forecast of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is to be believed, then 2018 would be the strongest year… Read More.

Former First Lady Passes Away

Barbara Pierce Bush, the former First Lady, breathed her last yesterday, 17 April. She was 92 years old. She was… Read More.

Chemical Weapon Inspector to Soon Investigate Attack Sites

Russia has announced that the chemical weapon inspector would be allowed on the chemical attack sites in Syria. The… Read More.

China Economy Grows by 6.8%

Increasing more than the expectation, the economy of China has grown 6.8% in the year's first quarter alone.… Read More.

US to Impose Sanctions on Russia

According to the recent statement released by the White House, the US is considering to impose more sanctions on… Read More.

Macron Convinced Trump to Not Withdraw Troops from Syria

According to a statement released by the France President Emmanuel Macron, he has convinced the US president Donald Trump… Read More.

China, Japan to Strengthen Trade Ties after US's Strict Tariff Schemes

Last year the two biggest Asian economies, China and Japan, vowed to start afresh their somewhat touchy relationship. After… Read More.

China Orders Live-Fire Drills in Taiwan

Xi Jinping, the President of China, has ordered live-fire drills in Taiwan. This came as a response to its… Read More.

President Trump Calls Success in Restrained Syria Strike, Damascus Condemns the Attack

The U.S. President Donald Trump proclaimed “Mission accomplished” on Twitter, calling restrained Syrian strike a success. At the Pentagon, U.S.… Read More.

UN Experts Ask Myanmar to Release Two Investigative Journalists Detained Since December

United Nations human rights reporters as well as foreign minister of Britain have separately asked Myanmar to release two reporters… Read More.

Terrorists Disguised as UN Peacekeeping Forces Attack Mali Bases

On Saturday in Mali’s northern city of Timbuktu, terrorists disguised as U.N. peacekeepers fired rockets at the French and United… Read More.

Criminal Investigation Launched against Lawyer of the US President Donald Trump

The US Justice Department has announced that Michael Cohen (top lawyer of the US President Donald Trump) is under criminal… Read More.

1 More Dead and Hundreds Injured as Clashes Continue along Gaza-Israel Border

Hundreds of people are reportedly injured along the Gaza-Israel border after fierce clashes erupted again on Friday, the third of… Read More.

Ecuadorian President Confirms Death of Reporters, Assures Action

President of Ecuador Lenín Moreno has confirmed reports that the disbanded Colombian FARC rebel group’s dissident faction has killed 2… Read More.

The US and its allies launch strikes on Syrian chemical weapon sites

The US and its allies bomb multiple government targets The United States, along with its allies France… Read More.

US to Soon take Stand on Syria Attacks

According to the US president Donald Trump, the action in response to the Syria attacks would soon be decided.… Read More.

Syria Attacks: UK to Support US

The UK government has finally announced that it would support the US in its military action against the… Read More.

257 Killed in Algeria Military Plane Crash

Allegedly, the worst aviation disaster in the history of Algeria has taken place. A military plane which was carrying… Read More.

Syria Attacks: US to Weigh up Military Options

After the chemical attack in Syria, the US is weighing its military options to respond to the attacks. The… Read More.