Current Events in the World

US Air Force General says He Will Push Back "Illegal" Nuclear Strike Order by President Trump

US Strategic Command’s (Stratcom) Air Force General John Hyten (overseeing the US nuclear arsenal) has said in Nova Scotia’s (Canada)… Read More.

Palestinian President says US Threat of Closing Down PLO Office in DC will be Dangerous for Peace

President of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas has responded to the US threat of not recertifying PLO’s (Palestine Liberation Organization) office in… Read More.

Missing Argentinean Military Submarine Tried 7 Times to Contact Naval Bases

Argentine Defense Ministry has said that crew of the missing ARA San Juan submarine of Argentina tried 7 times to… Read More.

Thousands of Zimbabweans Took to Streets of Harare to Demand Resignation of Mugabe

Days after the military coup, thousands of Zimbabweans took to the streets in capital of Zimbabwe (Harare) demanding resignation of… Read More.

U.S. Government Delegation Treads a Different Path than Rest of the World at Bonn Climate Summit

The United States of America took a diametrically opposite stand to most of the participating countries at Bonn Summit (officially… Read More.

Tax Reform Proposal Cleared by Senate Committee

Tax reform proposal of the Republicans cruised through Finance Committee of the Senate with a 14-12 party-line vote. The tax… Read More.

Syria: Russia vetoes chemical attacks investigation

A UN Security Council resolution that would have extended an international inquiry into chemical weapons attacks that took place in… Read More.

Robert Mugabe refuses to step down immediately

Robert Mugabe has refused to immediately step down. However, there are growing calls for the resignation of Zimbabwe's long-time… Read More.

15 dead in flash floods in Greece

At least 15 people were killed in Greece in flash floods as a result of heavy overnight rain. The… Read More.

10 dead in suicide bombing in Nigeria

At least 10 people were killed and several injured in a suicide bombing attack in Maiduguri, a city in north-eastern… Read More.

5.5 magnitude earthquake strikes South Korea

A 5.5 magnitude earthquake struck the southeastern coast of South Korea. According to media reports, the earthquake was detected… Read More.

Zimbabwe crisis: Military says action has been taken to target criminals

Following the takeover of the national broadcaster ZBC, the military of Zimbabwe has said that the action has been taken… Read More.

Four killed in mass shooting in California

A gunman went on a rampage in rural northern California killing four people and wounding around a dozen. The… Read More.

Survivors of Iran earthquake make pleas for help

Iranians are making desperate pleas for help. Following a destructive earthquake near the Iran-Iraq border, which killed around 440 people… Read More.

American man arrested for trying to enter North Korea; North Korean soldier escapes to the South

On Monday, an American man tried to cross into North Korea but was unsuccessful. However, a North Korean soldier managed… Read More.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy visits Barcelona

During his visit to Barcelona, Mariano Rajoy, the Prime Minister of Spain,maintained that the recent elections would enable Catalonia to… Read More.

Disneyland Shuts Down after Legionnaires Disease Outbreak

Orange County health officials in Los Angeles have said that 12 people are reportedly sick from Legionnaires disease. Nine people… Read More.

Saudi-Iran Relations Reach New Low with Lebanon Crisis

President of Lebanon Michel Aoun has called on Saudi Arabia to know why Prime Minister of his country Saad Hariri… Read More.

Mass Graves with over Executed 400 Civilians Found in Iraq's Kirkuk

Iraqi authorities have told media that they have found mass graves in the disputed Iraqi province of Kirkuk’s al-Bakara area.… Read More.

IRSN detects Ruthenium-106 Radioactive Pollution over Europe, Nuclear Accident Suspected

IRSN, nuclear safety institute of France, has said in a statement that they have detected a cloud of radioactive pollution… Read More.