Current Events in the World

Deadly California Fires under Control Now

The deadly fire that has been going on for weeks in the US state of California is finally under… Read More.

Greece Completed Eurozone Bailout Programme; Now Free to Borrow Money

In a first in eight years, Greece is finally free to loan money from the financial markets. The country… Read More.

Families from South and North Korea Meet after 68 Years

In a first after so many years, many families from South Korea came to North Korea to meet with… Read More.

US Special Counsel Recommends Judge for 6 Months Imprisonment for Papadopoulos

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has recommended on Friday in a court filing that the former Trump campaign aide George… Read More.

Merkel-Putin Discussed about Syria, Ukraine, Iran, and Controversial Gas Pipeline

German Chancellor Angela Merkel had tough talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin outside Berlin (at German government’s Meseburg castle)… Read More.

Iran to Unveil New Fighter Jet on their National Defense Industry Day on August 22

Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami has announced the unveiling of a new fighter jet on August 22… Read More.

Kofi Annan Passes away at 80

According to the international diplomats, the former UN secretary-general, Kofi Annan, has passed away at the… Read More.

48 Die after Suicide Bombing in Afghanistan

According to the health ministry of Afghanistan, the death toll from the suicide blast has reached 48 with as… Read More.

Veterans Day Military Parade Postponed to 2019

The Veterans Day military parade has been postponed until at least 2019 by the US defense officials. The figures… Read More.

China Might be Preparing to Target US

According to a Pentagon report, China is in process of developing long-range bombers and is probably even giving training… Read More.

One Arrested after a Drug Overdose Case in Connecticut Park

Police have arrested a man after more than 40 people overdosed with a drug containing opioid in a Connecticut park.… Read More.

Trump Revokes Security Clearance of Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan

John Brennan, the ex-CIA chief, has his security clearance revoked by the US President Donald Trump. This would now… Read More.

Trade Talks to Begin between China and US amidst Trade War

Amidst the trade war going on between the United States and China, the latter has stated that talks between… Read More.

Car Crashed outside London Houses of Parliament; Several injured

After a car crashed outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London, two people have been found to be… Read More.

Iran Unveils Ballistic Missile Despite Rising Tension with the US

Amidst increasing tension with the US, Iran has demonstrated a short-range ballistic missile. It has even pledged to further… Read More.

Lira Drops to Record Low against Dollar

The Turkish currency has hit a record low - plummeting by 11% against the dollar. Last week, when Iran's political… Read More.

Former Trump Advisor Releases a Trump-Tape

Omarosa Manigault Newman, a former adviser to the US President Donald Trump, has released a tape, which in her… Read More.

Syria Blast Kills 39; Dozens Missing

The blast that happened in Idlib, Syria, has claimed 39 lives - this includes 12 children. The blast happened… Read More.

Taiwan Hospital Fire Kills at least 9

According to the media, the fire that broke out at a Taiwan hospital has killed at least 9 people.… Read More.

Hundreds hit Charlottesville Streets to Protest against Anniversary of Racially Charged "Unite the Right" Violence

On Saturday, hundreds of students and left-wing activists hit the streets of Virginia’s Charlottesville just a day ahead of… Read More.