Current Events in the World

Trump Administration Announces Relaxations in H-1B Visas

The Trump administration in the United States has decided to provide absolute relaxation… Read More.

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Florida: Key West Police Arrested 8-Year-Old boy as He Hit a Teacher

On Monday, a Police officer at a Florida elementary school arrested an eight-year-old… Read More.

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US: Trump Abruptly Stopped Media Briefing After a Man Shot Near White House

US President Donald Trump had to abruptly stop media briefing by a secret service agent after shots were fired… Read More.

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44 Prisoners Lost Lives in One Night in a Prison in Chad in Hot Overcrowded Cell

As per the reports, 44 prisoners lost lives in one night in a prison in Read More.

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US Congressional Democrats and Republicans fail to reach an Agreement over Stimulus Package as Unemployment Rate reach Record High

The Democrats and Republicans in the US Congress have failed to agree in the last-ditch negotiations on releasing another… Read More.

WHO Cautions Richer Countries against "Vaccine Nationalism", Brazil's Ex-Health Minister criticizes President Bolsonaro

The World Health Organization has cautioned the richer countries against “vaccine nationalism” by saying that they can’t keep treatments… Read More.

UN announces US$6 million Additional Funds as it scrambles to help the Victims of Beirut Blast, US & French President Extend Support

The United Nations has announced support of US$6 million additional funds from its Central Emergency Response Fund (on top… Read More.

Germany: Sex Workers Demonstrated on Road to Lift The Curb of COVID-19 Restrictions on Work

Members of the 'Sex Workers Organization' in Germany took it to roads to… Read More.

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Central Japan Put Under COVID-19 Emergency After Rising Virus Cases

Central Japan on Thursday declared a state of emergency due to rising virus… Read More.

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Jerusalem: Al Jazeera's Office Raided by Malaysian Police as the Broadcasters Allegedly Conducted Biased Investigation

Malaysian Police carried a raid at broadcaster Al Jazeera's office in Jerusalem and… Read More.

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US President Trump contradicts his own Top Health Expert Dr. Fauci

The US President Donald Trump has contradicted his own top health expert of infectious diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci. In… Read More.

COVID-19 Infections and deaths get worse across the World, "State of Disaster" declared in Australia's Victoria

The confirmed COVID-19 infection cases across the world have surpassed 17.8 million along with over 685,000 deaths. On Sunday,… Read More.

Hong Kong CEO announces Delay of September's Legislative Council Election by a Year

Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam has announced that upcoming elections for the city’s Legislative Council will be delayed… Read More.

WHO warns that COVID-19 Pandemic might Last Longer and the Countries may face the Risk of Response Fatigue

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned on Saturday after its emergency committee meeting that the COVID-19 pandemic is… Read More.

Trump says he may use Executive Orders to Ban TikTok from the United States

The US President Donald Trump has said on Friday night the United States is going to ban TikTok,… Read More.

Joe Biden nears Finalizing his Running Mate; Karen Bass, Kamala Harris, and Susan Rice Emerge as the Closest Contenders

Joe Biden is going to make the final decision about finalizing his running mate during the weekend. 66-year-old chair of… Read More.

As Per Johns Hopkins University, Mexico has the Third Highest COVID-19 Death Toll in The World

As per the reports, Mexico has become the country with the third most… Read More.

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Zimbabwe: Police Personnel Clear Streets a Day Before Anti-Government Protest

A day before the planned anti-corruption protests, Zimbabwe's securing personnel clears people off… Read More.

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Brazil has Set New Record with 69,000 Daily Coronavirus Cases

On Wednesday, Brazil has set a new record for COVID-19 cases and fatalities… Read More.

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