Current Events in the World

22 dead in Taiwan train accident

Around 22 people were killed when a passenger train derailed in Taiwan on Sunday afternoon. As per media… Read More.

Scott Morrison-led Liberal-National Coalition Government of Australia Loses 1-Seat Majority

Australian PM Scott Morrison-led Liberal-National coalition government lost its one-seat majority today. Liberal candidate Dave Sharma (former Australian ambassador to… Read More.

US President Donald Trump Confirms they are Pulling Out from Coldwar-era INF Treaty with Russia

The US President Donald Trump has said that they are withdrawing from the landmark Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty with… Read More.

US President joins EU and UN Leaders asking for Clarity on Saudi Dissident Khashoggi's Death

The US President Donald Trump joins European leaders and United Nations to push Saudi Arabia for answers about the disappearance… Read More.

Saudi Arabia Admits Journalist Jamal Khashoggi Died inside its Istanbul Consulate

On Saturday, Saudi Arabia admitted that journalist Jamal Khashoggi died inside its Istanbul consulate after a fight. Saudi Arabia has… Read More.

Polling in Afghanistan Parliamentary Elections are Now Open

Parliamentary elections are now open in Afghanistan. Reports say 2,565 candidates are fighting it out for 250 parliamentary seats. Voters… Read More.

Africa's Youngest Billionaire Mohammed Dewji returns Home Safely after Abduction in Tanzania

METL Group family conglomerate has said on its Twitter feed that its 43-year-old CEO Mohammed Dewji has “returned home safely”… Read More.

China's Economic Condition to Get Worse in Months

Since the global financial crisis in 2009, China for the first time has registered its slowest growth rate quarterly.… Read More.

Turkey Police to Search in Forest for Possibly Dead Jamal Khashoggi

According to a recent report, the Turkey police has expanded their search in the case of missing Jamal Khashoggi.… Read More.

Trump Threatens over Mexico Border with US

The US President Donald Trump has made another threat concerning the US-Mexico border. Trump has threatened to bring military… Read More.

19 Killed in Shooting at Crimean College

A student opened fire, wounding dozens and killing 19 (including the killer) on Wednesday at a College in Crimea.… Read More.

B-52 bombers Flew Close to South China's Contested Islands

According to Pacific Air Forces, on Tuesday, 2 US B-52 bombers flew close to South China's contested islands. However,… Read More.

US Asks Turkey of Tape That Can Prove Khashoggi's Murder

The US President Donald Trump has asked Turkey for a recording that would serve as an evidence for the… Read More.

Canada Legalizes Recreational Cannabis

Canada has legalized the use and possession of recreational cannabis, becoming the second country in the world to do… Read More.

Biggest Gaming Company Tencent Comes Cracking Down with Stock Plunge

Tencent, the world's biggest gaming company, has its shares down roughly 40% from what it was in January. The stock… Read More.

Jamal Khashoggi Missing Case: Pompeo to Visit Saudi King Salman

In the latest development on the case of the missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary… Read More.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen Passes Away

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has passed away at the age of 65 in the same city as his birth, Seattle,… Read More.

Personnel Removed from Congo- Base of Ebola Outbreak

The Ebola personnel have been pulled out from the hotspots of the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic of CongoRead More.

Saudi Arabia under Pressure for Investigation of Missing Jamal Khashoggi

The pressure on Saudi Arabia is increasing from all around the world to deepen the investigation of the missing… Read More.

Trump Believes Russia Involved in Meddling with USA's Business

In a recent interview, the US president Donald Trump admitted that Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, might be involved… Read More.