Current Events in the World

July 2017
John McCain returns to senate for health care vote

Senator John McCain who is suffering from an advanced type of brain cancer is supposed to come back to the… Read More.

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Texas: horrific human tragedy takes another life

A migrant has passed away recently while being smuggled to San Antonio Texas during the weekend inside a tractor-trailer truck.… Read More.

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US perceives North Korea to be getting ready for another missile test

North Korea seems to be preparing for yet another missile test and this information has been provided by an official… Read More.

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Robot discovers melted nuclear fuel from Fukushima disaster

Possibly the first ever images of deposits of melted nuclear fuel from Fukushima nuclear plant have been discovered by an… Read More.

Major Nuclear Disasters in the World
Chinese Navy increases its reach with ships in Baltic for drills with Russia

One of the top warships of China in terms of technological advancement is now heading to Baltic Sea followed by… Read More.

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US President Boasts of a Stronger America while Commissioning 100,000-ton Aircraft Carrier

US President Donald Trump, while commissioning United State of America’s newest aircraft carrier - the USS Gerald R. Ford, boasted… Read More.

Largest Armies in the World
Congressional Leaders Agree on Russia Sanctions, Kremlin Gives it a Thumbs Down

Congressional leaders have defied White House’s argument that President Donald Trump needs flexibility of adjusting sanctions on Russia for fitting… Read More.

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President Trump Lashes Out at Intel Leak to Media, Talks about Presidential Pardons

In a string of Tweets, US President Donald Trump condemned intelligence leaks after a leading US media house reported that… Read More.

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US to Ban Americans from Visiting North Korea

Heather Nauert, spokesperson for US State Department, has said in a statement that US citizens will be banned from visiting… Read More.

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White House Press Secretary Resigns After Disagreeing with Scaramucci's Appointment

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has resigned abruptly on Friday after opposing US President Donald Trump’s decision to appoint… Read More.

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EU and UK Agree on Just Half of the Issues on First Round of Brexit Talks

A detailed joint working paper revealed that Brexit teams of European Union and United Kingdom have been able to reach… Read More.

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Britons may no longer be allowed to live in another EU country

People from Britain may no longer be permitted to live in another country that happens to be a member of… Read More.

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Earthquake in Turkey and Greece claims two lives in Kos

Aegean Sea was rocked by a strong earthquake and two people also passed away as a result of this natural… Read More.

Earthquake in Turkey and Greece on July 21, 2017
Honshu hit by magnitude 5.8 earthquake

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) has stated that Honshu, the main island of Japan, located to the northeast of Tokyo,… Read More.

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Netanyahu terms EU policy towards Israel as crazy

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, has said that EU’s policy towards Israel is a crazy one. This can… Read More.

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Evidence of 80,000 year old Aboriginal habitation found in Australia

Archeologists have made a phenomenal discovery in northern Australia that has now extended the time Aborigines spent in the continent… Read More.

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France edges ahead of the US in world soft power rankings

As per a new report that was published on July 18 France has been proclaimed to be the numero uno… Read More.

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California votes in favour of extending cap-and-trade climate law till 2030

Lawmakers in California have voted that a law to reduce carbon emissions be extended till 2030. This happened a few… Read More.

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Divisions over 66 billion pound Brexit divorce bill come to the fore

The exit from EU is expected to cost the UK around 66 billion pounds or 75 billion euros and this… Read More.

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Kamchatka in Russia hit by 7.8 Richter earthquake

Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia has been hit by a powerful quake measuring 7.8 on Richter scale. It had also led… Read More.

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