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France: Study Says Pigeons Lose Toe Due to Human Hair

A team of researchers in France found out the real reason behind pigeons' losing toes. Earlier, the… Read More.

Map of France
Pakistan Displays a Dummy Figure of Abhinandan Varthaman

Pakistan displayed a dummy figure of Indian Air Force pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman inside a war museum… Read More.

Map of Pakistan
Bangladesh: Two Trains Collided in The Wee Hours, 12 Dead

On Tuesday, November 11, two trains dashed against each other in Brahmanbaria district, 82 kilometers (51 miles) east… Read More.

Map of Bangladesh
Parts of Australia Facing State of Emergency Due to "Catastrophic" Bushfire

In New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland of Australia, is facing a state of emergency situation as nearly… Read More.

Map of Australia
Bolivian President invites Opposition Leaders, International & Religious Organizations to end Impasse through Dialogue

Bolivian President Evo Morales is facing increasing pressure as the right-wing political parties continue their week-long anti-government protest. On Saturday,… Read More.

Germany Celebrates 30 Years of the Fall of Berlin Wall, Pro-Democracy Groups Criticize Trump's US-Mexico Border Wall

Germany celebrated the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall (brought down on November 9, 1989) on Saturday.… Read More.

Cyclone Bulbul Hits the Bay of Bengal at Roaring Speed & Might, Around 5 Million Evacuated in Bangladesh and India

Cyclone Bulbul has hit the Bay of Bengal on Saturday evening. The cyclone made landfall at India’s Sagar Island in… Read More.

Record Number of People Join Bernie Sanders' Rally in Iowa, AOC joins the US Presidential Hopeful

Vermont Senator and US Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders was joined by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Friday night at Iowa Western… Read More.

Ex-Brazilian President Lula da Silva Freed from Jail after Supreme Court Verdict

The 74-year old leftist politician and ex-President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, has been freed on Friday (November… Read More.

Series of "Unprecedented" Bushfires in Australia's New South Wales kills 3, At Least 7 More Missing

A series of “unprecedented” bushfires rage through New South Wales in southeast Australia, killing at least 3 people. On Saturday,… Read More.

Woman Who Trespassed Lion Enclosure, Arrested by New York Police

In late September, a video went viral where a woman was seeing trespassing the lion and giraffe exhibits… Read More.

Map of New York
Man Falls in Lava Tube on his Own Property in Hawaii

On Wednesday, an elderly man was reported to fall into a lava tube on his property in Hilo,… Read More.

Map of Hawaii
Former IS Leader Baghdadi's Sister, Rasmiya Awad has been Taken into Custody by Turkey

Turkey has captured Rasmiya Awad, sister of former Islamic State group (IS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in northern… Read More.

Map of Turkey
Vanished "Wizard Rock" Found in Usual Place After a Month

1 ton "wizard rock" is found on its devoted place at Arizona National Park magically. As the… Read More.

Map of Arizona
Amelia Hits France and Left Thousands Without Electricity

On Sunday evening around 17:00 (16:00 GMT), most part of western Nouvelle Aquitaine region of France was… Read More.

Map of France
China Vows to Establish Long-Term Peace and Stability in South China Sea, Flooding of Market by Chinese Goods Remain

Chinese premier Li Keqiang said on Sunday in Bangkok after the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) meeting that China… Read More.

Car Bomb Explosion kills 13 People in Northern Syria, Turkey and Kurdish Forces Blame Each Other

A car bomb explosion at a market in central Tal Abyad (a northern Syrian town along the Turkey border) killed… Read More.

Deadliest Attack on Malian Armed Forces kills at least 53 Soldiers and 1 Civilian

Mali’s government has said that at least 53 soldiers of their armed forces and 1 civilian have died in a… Read More.

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry Refuses to Testify before a "Secret" Impeachment Probe

An Energy Department spokeswoman has said on Friday that a member of the US President Donald Trump’s Cabinet, the U.S.… Read More.

Elizabeth Warren charts out her "Medicare for All" for 2020 US Presidential Election

The Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren has charted out the details of her healthcare plan, which she intends to implement… Read More.