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Australia: Golf champion Peter Thomson dies

Australian Golf champion Peter Thomson, who had been suffering from Parkinson's disease for more than four years, died on Wednesday… Read More.

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US leaves UN Human Rights Council

US Ambassador Nikki Haley announced on Tuesday that the US is standing down from the UN Human Rights Council.… Read More.

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Canada legalizes the use of recreational cannabis

The Senate of Canada passed a law on Tuesday legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Canada is the first… Read More.

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Kim Jong-un on a two-day visit to China

 As per the reports of Chinese media, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is going to be on a two-day tour… Read More.

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US President Trump to announce additional tariffs on China

US President Trump released a statement on Monday night threatening to impose additional 200 billion tariffs on Chinese products. Mr. Trump… Read More.

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"US will not be a migrant camp", says Trump

US President Donald Trump has announced that he will not let US become a migrant camp. He further said,… Read More.

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Japan: 3 killed and more than 90 injured in Osaka earthquake

Japan's largest metropolis Osaka was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 6.1 on Monday morning killing 3 and injuring… Read More.

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Colombia: Conservative Ivan Duque becomes the new President

Ivan Duque, a conservative political newcomer has been elected as the President of Colombia. After being elected as the… Read More.

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At least 5 dead in SUV crash in Texas

5 people were killed and more than 6 were injured after an SUV packed with undocumented immigrants flipped on Sunday… Read More.

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Spain Welcomes Ship Carrying Migrants from African Countries

Newly appointed Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez scored a major political victory in dealing with immigration as the first boat… Read More.

Taxi Crashes into Moscow Crowd Injuring 7 Pedestrians

A taxi crashed into a crowd of pedestrians on Saturday near Red Square of Moscow, injuring 7 people including… Read More.

Greece PM Alexis Tsipras No-Confidence motion by 153-127 Votes

Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras has survived a no-confidence motion, moved by the main opposition party New Democracy, following… Read More.

US State Department Warns Americans about Terror Threat at World Cup in Russia

The U.S. State Department has issued a warning to the Americans about the possible terror attacks at World Cup… Read More.

US Policy Change separates 2,000 children from Families in Six Weeks

US Department of Homeland Security’s figures shows that 1,995 children were forced to be separated from their parents (1,940 adults)… Read More.

US-China Trade War Intensifies as Trump announce Implementing 25 Percent Tariffs on Chinese Imports

Trade war between the United States and China took a sharp turn on Friday as the US President Donald… Read More.

39 combatants killed and several injured in Yemen

39 combatants were killed and several others were injured in heavy clashes that took place outside the port city of… Read More.

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Egypt: 12 new ministers appointed in the cabinet

12 new ministers took oath before President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi in Egypt today. Mostafa Madbouli, who was appointed as… Read More.

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US demands North Korea's 'major disarmament' by 2020

The State Secretary of the US, Mike Pompeo, stated in a press conference that North Korea will… Read More.

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Antarctica: Three trillion tonnes of ice lost

As per the latest reports of the nine award-winning scientists who have spent decades studying the white continent,… Read More.

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London Breed becomes first black female mayor of San Francisco

London Breed has won the Mayor's elections in San Francisco and joined the league of 19 other black females… Read More.

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