World's First 3-D Printed Building Planned

  • Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars plans to build the world’s first 3-D printed house. Landscape House, as Ruijssenaars plans to call it, is a structure designed to look like a Mobius strip. As the architect says, it was designed “one surface folded over into an endless band”. To build this house architect plans to use a 3-D printer called D-Shape. The printer will lay down thin sand layers which will be allowed to combine with a bonding agent. The resultant material, Ruijssenaars believes, will resemble marble. His associates in this venture are Rinus Roelofs who helped with the designing and Enrico Dini, the inventor of the D-Shape printer. The entire structure will be built in 20 feet by 30 feet blocks from the bottom up and is likely to cost between $5 million & $6 million.