Woman put in jail for not returning rented video

  • Kayla Michelle Finley is probably wishing she had never rented the the Jennifer Lopez movie, which made her spend a night in jail. 

    Reports suggest that the South Carolina woman failed to return the video she rented back in 2005 and said she simply forgot about it after moving out of state. 

    Finley was sent several letters asking her to turn herself in and she had to spend the night behind bars since it wasn't possible for her hearing to be held until Friday. 

    "I'm no criminal, but Pickens County Sheriff's office sure made me feel like I was," she said. Finley mentioned that she never received any certified letters from the office. The incident wasn't funny for the woman but that didn't stop others from making fun of the situation.

    "They should sentence her to time already served," one CNN commenter said. "She'll never get the 2 hours she spent watching that movie back."

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