Twitter's Vine hit by Instagram video launch

  • Twitter's Vine video-sharing service has been hit hard by a similar tool launched by Instagram last month.

    According to analysts, the number of links to Vine videos dropped by nearly half a million a day after Instagram unveiled its video-sharing feature on June 20.

    An extra 300,000 Instagram links were shared, according to figures by Topsy, a data analytics tool.

    A week later, Topsy’s data showed there were 1,562,022 mentions of Instagram and 935,109 mentions of Vine. Its figures include retweets and links but not spam.

    Twitter launched its video-sharing tool in January this year, enabling users to upload and share six-second long clips that play in a loop.

    Instagram allows 15-second clips to be shared and includes filters that can be added to change the look of the video.

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