Toys R Us sued over Tabeo tablet

  • Toys R Us is being sued in the United States following allegations it stole a former partners' trade secrets to develop its own children’s tablet computer.

    Fuhu, a Los Angeles-based firm, has accused the toy chain of copying the design, user-experience and services of its Nabi tablet.

    Fuhu is part-owned by Taiwanese computer-maker Acer, the world's largest maker of consumer electronics Foxconn and memory chip producer Kingston.

    It started out as a software provider before moving into the tablet market in November 2011, when it began selling the Nabi through the Toys R Us and Babies R Us chains in the U.S.

    Fuhu and Toys R Us ended their exclusive agreement in January 2012.

    Eight months later, Toy R Us announced it would sell its own Android-powered Tabeo tablet in the U.S. from October.

    Fuhu claims the Tabeo infringed their device in order to release a product ahead of Christmas this year.

    It is now demanding all Tabeos be turned over to it as well as unspecified monetary damages.