T-Mobile lures customers by covering costs

  • T-Mobile is aware that it costs customers money to switch carriers. Hence it's covering those costs by letting people exchange their old phones for up to $300 and use that money to buy a new phone at T-Mobile. 

    The mobile carrier then asks customers to send over their previous bill, listing the termination fee and the company provides them with up to $350 in credit for as many as five lines. 

    An analyst mentioned that the company could succeed in making this plan a success since "it's a pretty low-risk thing to do."

    "Switch to T-Mobile, get a bunch of money for your devices, and then switch back if you don't like it."

    T-Mobile said it's looking to "force the industry to get healthier" but some people wonder if this is the company's way of boosting its customer base prior to a sale. 

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