Sprint preps early upgrade program

  • Sprint is finally allowing for early upgrades. The company is launching Sprint One Up on Sept. 20, which will allow the customers to pay monthly installments for their smartphones and upgrade on an annual basis by trading in their devices. 

    Sprint is the last one to offer this kind of program after AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. 

    All of the programs introduced by these national carriers work quite in the same way with minimal differences. Sprint's program lets its customers pay for 24 monthly installments towards a new phone with no money down and they can trade in their devices for a new one.

    The program is similar to T-Mobile's Jump program since customers are offered a break on the plan- T-Mobile's program was seen as a better deal than the ones offered by AT&T and Verizon because the two carriers didn't offer its customers any discount despite requiring them to pay in full for their devices. 

    The previous upgrade program by Sprint called "Upgrade Now" is still available for those who are not eligible for the new "One Up" program. 

    The company couldn't have opted for a better time for the launch of this program, given that the new Apple devices are expected to launch soon. 

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