Spam on social media increases by 355%

  • A new report suggests that spammers are now not only concentrating on your email account. Spam on social media during the first half of this year has seen a growth of 355 percent. 

    It's not overwhelming considering the number of spam emails sent on a daily basis. However, the report also specifies that one in every 200 posts on social media is spam. 

    The findings come after Nexgate reviewed 60 million posts on social media sites including Google+ and LinkedIN; it's been proven that Facebook and YouTube are heavy spam networks. 

    Nexgate's CEO said there isn't an increase only in volume. "There's also been increasing sophistication and diversification of the mechanisms used to distribute spam," she said, referring to Facebook spam as a "$200 million business." 

    She also mentioned that unlike the anti-spam systems for emails, only 15 percent of spam on social media comes with a link that can be auto-flagged. 

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