Smartphone app can track your sleep

  • If you're having trouble sleeping then you should probably consider using this "bio-alarm clock" on your iPhone. The phone can be placed under your pillow and can track when you are in deep sleep. 

    The app makes sure your sleep cycle is complete. More than one million people have woken up after being fully rested. However, the app doesn't appeal to some users who don't believe they need any device to tell them when it's a good time to wake up. 

    There are various kinds of sleep apps. "White Noise" comes with 40 different sounds while the "Sleep Machine" comes with 91 and is more versatile. 

    The "Sleep Talk Recorder", which is cheaper than both the "White Noise" and the "Sleep Machine" (99 cents as opposed to $1.99 for iPhones) can let you know if you talk in your sleep and reveal as to who snores more in your relationship. 

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