SimCity video game sales suspended on Amazon

  • Ongoing technical problems with the latest version of SimCity forced Amazon to stop selling the game for a short period of time, it was revealed on Friday.

    The web retailer halted sales late on March 7 after players reported problems with the city building title.

    The latest version was launched on March 5. Like many current games, players must be online to play.

    Game maker EA has taken steps to amend login delays by turning off some features to ease the load on game servers.

    Prior to this release, SimCity was a stand-alone game. EA said it added the online element to give the title a more realistic feel.

    The online feature also came as a bid to curb piracy of the title.

    However, the requirement for players to be connected has seen some to wait up to 30 minutes or more to play.

    Amazon's suspension of the downloadable PC version of SimCity lasted just a few hours. However, it has since placed a warning on the product page about the "issues" leading to a one-star score among purchasers.