Most of the old scientific data may be lost

  • Scientists reproduce new studies and new research based on raw data. However, a new study, which blames old technology, shows that 90 percent of the crucial data is lost in a span of 20 years. 

    Researchers sent emails to the authors of more than 500 studies, asking for the data but could only track it down in 23 percent of the cases. Reports suggest that several email addresses couldn't be located and data was either lost or inaccessible due to old technology. 

    "Some of the time, for instance, it was saved on three-and-a-half inch floppy disks, so no one could access it," author Tim Vines said. "The current system of leaving data with authors means that almost all of it is lost over time."

    He mentioned that losing crucial data means wastage of "research funds and it limits how we can do science."


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