Mars rover snaps self-portrait

  • Nasa's Curiosity rover has taken a self-portrait on Mars with a camera on its robotic arm.

    The photo is still blurry because the dust cover has not yet been removed.

    The image of the rover's mast, showing the Mastcam and Chemcam cameras, was taken by another imaging instrument known as the Mars Hand Lens Image.

    Engineers had been utilizing the navigation and mast cameras to inspect instruments and tools on the end of the rover's robot arm.

    Curiosity, which is also known as the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) rover, will soon begin to use the tools.

    Curiosity has now driven more than 100 meters from the floor of Gale Crater, where it landed a month ago.

    It is heading to a point named Glenelg by scientists though its arrival is still some weeks away.