'Loverspy' guy is on the FBI's most wanted list

  • NSA is not the only one who could be spying on you. It could also be your possessive lover, who wanted to catch you cheating.

    Reports suggest that the developer of an $89 program known as "Loverspy" has made it to the FBI's "most wanted" list of cybercriminals. 

    This San Diego college student advertised the program by telling people they could catch their lovers cheating by sending them a greeting card, which would end up installing a software. This software, as advertised, would capture the victim's personal messages and even hack into his webcam. 

    This case is interesting since Carlos Enrique-Melara didn't make much money out of this business, unlike the rest of the cybercriminals. 

    The government is offering $50,000 to anyone who provides information about the man. 

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