'Lego leg' helps woman to connect with fellow amputees

  • Christina Stephens has always been fond of building Lego and she put her skills to work by making a prosthetic leg and becoming an Internet sensation. 

    Stephens lost her left foot this winter and decided to use her own experience in order to help others that are dealing with amputations. She began a series of YouTube videos and created a Facebook page called "AmputeeOT" through which she addresses issues such as swimming with or without a prosthetic and dealing with limb pain. 

    Her Lego videos exploded and she became a sensation after making a prosthetic leg out of Lego pieces. 

    Stephens works as a therapist and a clinical researcher had an option of keeping the numb foot but the pain might not have gone away. Hence, she chose amputation and the foot was removed Feb. 26.

    Her idea of building the Lego leg came from a colleague who brought it up while they joked about the kinds of prosthetic legs she could use. 

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