Hospital offering rehab for internet addicts

  • It is not unusual for hospitals to offer treatment programs for addicts. However, this new program does seem to be unusual and a psychiatric hospital in Pennsylvania will become the first one to offer a program to treat Internet addicts. A psychologist said this addiction can be worse than alcoholism since the Internet is "free, legal and fat free."

    The cost of the program is $14,000 and has been designed by experts with backgrounds in drug and alcohol addiction treatments. 

    The program begins with a "digital detox" for 72 hours and then teaches the patients on how to keep their usage to a minimum while avoiding addictive apps. 

    The government in Japan is dealing with the issue in a different manner. The country is proposing funding camps for children where they would go without their iPhones and Xboxes and play outdoor games and enjoy the fresh air. 

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