Google to shutdown RSS news-feed service

  • Google said on Thursday it is to shut down its Reader service in July due to a decline in usage.

    Within hours of the announcement, a petition to save Reader, which accumulates news content from web feeds, amassed 25,000 signatures.

    According to analysts, shutting the service is part of the search engine giant’s plan to shift more people to its social media service, Google+.

    In a statement on its official blog, Google said: "There are two simple reasons for this, usage of Google Reader has declined, and as a company we are pouring all of our energy into fewer products."

    It added users who wanted to use alternatives could export their data and subscriptions using its Google Takeout service.

    Google Reader was launched in 2005, when Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds were introduced as a way to keep tabs on favorite websites and blogs.