First Amendment protects our right to "Like" on Facebook

  • According to a federal judge's ruling yesterday, the thumbs-up on Facebook is part of our free speech protected by the constitution. 

    US Circuit Judge William Traxler referred to it as the "Internet equivalent of displaying a political sign in one's front yard." The lower courts, however ruled that Facebook "Liking" is "insufficient speech to merit constitutional protection."

    The case involved six employees in Virginia who didn't support their own boss for sheriff and backed the opposing candidate instead; they made their views clear via "Likes" and posts on Facebook and ended up being fired from their jobs. Their boss, Sheriff BJ Roberts won the election and didn't hire back the employees. 

    "You made your bed, and now you're going to lie in it- after the election, you're gone," Roberts had said to one of his ex-employees prior to the win. 

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