FBI takes down alleged internet drug market

  • The FBI has at least temporarily taken down a website that's been selling illegal drugs. Reports suggest that undercover agents have made a lot of purchases since two years, leading to the arrest of Ross William Ulbricht, also known as "Dead Pirate Roberts." He is charged with a number of offenses including money laundering and computer hacking. 

    Whoever manages to get to the website is now greeted by a message from the FBI saying the website has been seized. 

    Silk Road was basically "the eBay of illicit substances, from MDMA to LSA," Winston Ross at the Daily Beast said. "Because you have to travel through an encrypted wormhole to get there, and because you have to use a difficult-to-trace, encrypted currency to pay for everything, it's a relatively safe place to buy drugs."

    Ross mentioned that the website was also a way to make sure that the drugs offered wouldn't kill you. 

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